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Ion Exchange Membrane
Ion exchange membranes of superior characteristics, such as higher ionic perm-selectivity, lower electric resistance, compatibility to chemicals, etc. The membranes are applicable to various fields, such as production of salt from sea-water, purification of foodstuff and pharmaceuticals, recovery of valuables, wastewater treatment.

EDCORE is membrane electrode apparatus, with smooth surfaced seamless and tubular ion exchange membrane that was unaware of common sense.
Since it is nearly free from fouling, membrane break and wrinkles, it is applicable to electro deposition painting of automobile, building material, house appliance, etc. , desalination and concentration.

Ion exchange membrane featured by, for example, low voltage electrolysis of water, electrolysis without oxidation-reduction reaction, space saving and reduced initial investment. It is applicable to generate organic substance from its organic salt, splitting of organic substance to acid and alkali in one step processing.

*1 : "NEOSEPTA" is trademark of Tokuyama Corporation registered in Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
*2 : "EDCORE" is trademark of Tokuyama Corporation registered in Germany, France, UK, Italy,Canada, USA, China and Republic of Korea.

Electrodialyzer ACILYZER ACILYZER[Electrodialyzers]
Separation units with ion exchange membranes, which use no heat or pressure, prevent denaturalization of component and separate nonionic substance from ionic substance. The units are applicable to treatment of wastewater from plating plant, separation and/or purification of organic substance, desalination and/or concentration of acid and alkali.

Diffusiondilalyzer ACILYZER ACILYZER[Diffusiondilalyzers]
Separation units to separate ions of acids and salts through ion exchange membranes by concentration of solution. The units are applicable for recovery and/or purification of free acids from sulfuric-, chloric-, nitric-, fluoric-acid waste and recovery of alkali.

ACILYZER EDR ACILYZER EDR[Electro dialysis reversal]
In electric dialysis (ED), EDR is well used for desalinations and removals of nitrate ions from underground water. The polarity is regularly converted in order to prevent from forming solid scales in the membranes.

MICRO ACILYZER MICRO ACILYZER[Small scale electrodialyzers]
Full automatic units with ion exchange membranes that perm-select salts in aqueous solution. The units remove salts generated by neutralization reactions, etc. The units eliminate salts from various solutions including sea-water.

* Production of High Purity Chemicals
* Production of Ultra Pure Water
* Battery Diaphragm
* Demineralization of Cheese Whey
* Demineralization of Organic Acids and Amino Acids
* Desalination of Soy-Sauce
* Stabilization of Wine
* Demineralization, Deacidification of Fruit Juice
* Demineralization of Natural Extract
* Demineralization of Poly-saccharide
* Demineralization of Betaine
* Demineralization and Purification of Pharmaceutical Intermediate
* Organic acid productions from organic salts.
* Acid and base regeneration from salts.
* Desalination of Leachate
* Removal of Nitrate from Under-Ground Water
* Production of Salt from Sea water
* Production of Drinking Water from Brackish Water
* Desalination of Deep Sea Water
* Acid Recovery from Waste Acid
* Recovery of Valuable Metals
* Recovery of Acid from Pickling Waste

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