ASTOM provides top quality products and services with its world-class hydrocarbon-based ion exchange membranes and electrodialysis technology validated by more than fifty years of accumulation in industries.
Ion exchange membranes
Ion exchange membrane NEOSEPTATubular membrane electrode apparatus EDCORE
Electrodialyzers/Diffusion dialyzers
Electrodialyzers ACILYZER ED Electrodialysis reversal ACILYZER EDRBipolar membrane electrodialyzer ACILYZER BPED [NEOSEPTA BIPOLAR]Diffusion dialyzers ACILYZER DD
Application examples of ASTOM products
Salt production
Desalination of soy sauce
Removal of hardness/ Desalination of drinking water
Desalination/Concentration of waste solution
Fields of application
List of news
> Exhibited at the Asahi Kasei Group booth in the “Biwako Environmental Business Exhibition”.
Application Salt production Food/Pharmaceuticals Drinking water production Waste solution treatment Recovery of acids/alkalis Other fields
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