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June.01.2013    Exhibition of our products on 26th INTERPHEX JAPAN in July 2013
ASTOM schedule to exhibit our products on 26th INTERPHEX JAPAN.
Exhibits:Bipolar Membrane Electro Dialyzer , Electro Dialyzer
Date:10-July-2013 to 12-July-2013
Venue:Tokyo Big Sight(Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
Booth # :14-9
Official Website:http://www.interphex.jp/en/Home/

June.21.2012    Assumption of new president "Tokio Okoshi"
Please be informed that Astom Corporation was originally established in 1995 by Tokuyama Corporation and Asahi Kasei Corporation for jointly producing hydrocarbon-based ion exchange membranes, and, thereafter in 2004, two companies combined each business activities into an unified organization of Astom including whole the activities of R&D, sales and marketing, production and so on in relation to ion exchange membranes, electrodialysis equipment and system.

Since 1950 being commenced development, the electrodialysis constitutes a core application technology of ion exchange membranes which will electrodialyze selectively ionic species with use of clean electric energy, and has been widely and favorably utilized for, in various fields of industry, salt production from seawater, drinking water production, demineralization and purification of intermediate of food/pharmaceutical products, recovery of valuable materials, treatment of waste water and so on.

Astom progresses now a company management on a fundamental basis of three major policies of “developing new ion exchange membranes”, “generating new demands” and “pioneering new markets”.

Astom is daily activating the cumulative technology and energizing the human resources, and will then challenge to provide highly-advanced quality of products and services best suitable for solution of customers’satisfaction.

Depending upon continuously concentrating whole the experiences and knowledge to develop, improve and create the specialty performance of ion exchange membranes and electrodialysis technology, Astom and each employee will serve the customers and contribute to the society enough to meet the global-wide demands required essentially for environment protection, human health and safety in 21th century. Astom Corporation would then highly appreciate sincere support and strong cooperation of all the customers more and more.
Tokio Okoshi

Apr.23.2009    ISO9001:2008 Update

Jun.29.2007    Assumption of new president "Yoshio Tani"
We are pleased to inform you that ASTOM Corporation was originally established in 1995 by both Tokuyama Corporation and Asahi Kasei Corporation for production of a hydrocarbon-based ion exchange membrane. Later on January 1, 2004, both business groups were combined to integrate and reform into a general business organization covering all business activities such as, research & development, sales & marketing and production of the ion exchange membrane and electrodialysis system.

Since being developed in 1950, the ion exchange membrane associated business has been widely and favorably utilized as a separation technique of clean energy for various fields of industry such as, salt production from sea water, drinking water production from brackish water, desalination/purification of intermediate of food/pharmaceutical products, recovery of valuable metal solution, sewage treatment and pure water production, in which ionic species are transferred by means of DC current as driving force.

"Worldwide environmental preservation" is one of the themes symbolizing culture of the 21st century and many companies and institutes in the world are making great efforts to develop a new technology as their important theme for environmental preservation. Under such circumstances, attention is being focused on our technology because of its unique and clean energy driven separation and then it is well accepted to the society as a currently suitable one.

Some applications such as concentration/reduction of industrial waste, treatment of incineration waste(leachate) and nitrate removal of ground water are familiar to people in daily life. We will positively and actively challenge to provide customers with the best solution for protection of human health and global environment by concentrating all experiences and knowledge cultivated and accumulated by both parent companies. ASTOM Corporation would appreciate your warm and continuous cooperation in the future.
President  Yoshio Tani

Sep.07.2005    ISO9001:2000 Certification

    ISO9001:2008 Update

    ISO9001 Certification

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